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Corn Gluten Feed

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Corn protein powder is corn starch grains by the food industry production or after alcohol by-product of wine industry, its protein nutrition is rich, and has a special taste and color,can be used for feed use, compared with feed industry commonly used fish meal, soybean cake, resource advantage, high feeding value, do not contain toxic and harmful substances,without reprocessing, protein can be directly used as raw materials.As the feed, the price is low, in recent years, some enterprises with corn protein powder as 

raw material, extracted from corn flavin and zein, developed into a functional food, added value is greatly increased.


Corn gluten meal (corn protein powder) is yellow powder or granular, and created as a by-product during a milling process corn is the by-product of producing corn starch , it has golden color and is rich in protein, Corn gluten meal is a valuable source of methionine

1. Corn gluten meal is used in foods as a protein source. Ice creams are made from the mixture ofthe protein powder, milk and sucrose. Substituting the corn gluten meal for 5% starch delicioussausages are produced with low cost.

2. Corn gluten mea with high protein, they are widely used in feeds industry, especial in shrimpbreed aquatics, shrimps are grown well with this supplement, it can also deepen the eggs color ,make chickens skin and legs become yellow , and contain rich amino acids , it is good additive foranimal husbandry and feed industry.


Coarse protein: Min 60%

Ash: Max 3.0%

Moisture: Max 12.0%

Crude fiber: Max 2.0%

Fat: Min 5%

Aflatoxin: Max 1ppb

Xanthophyll: Min 170ppm


Non-GMO,Free of Melamine

SGS Certified

Shelf life:12 months.

Storage: store in dry and cool place